Mandatory Third Party Conformity Assessment

Radio Law(Technical regulations conformity certification/Construction Design)

Radio Law

It aims at increasing public welfare by securing fair and efficient use of an electric wave.
The electric wave means an electromagnetic wave of frequency up to 3,000,000MHz.

What is a Registered Certification Bodies

The organization which can perform “Technical regulations conformity certification” and “Attestation of the construction design of specified radio equipment” about the specific radio equipment based on Radio Law.

An institutional outline

The JET performs "Certificate of Conformity with technical Regulations" and "Certificate of Construction Type" based on the Radio Act.

Technical regulations conformity certification (Certificate of Conformity with Technical Regulations)

Testing and certification will be conducted for each radio equipment.

Attestation of the construction design of specified radio equipment (Certificate of Construction Design)

Testing is conducted on one sample unit for each type of radio equipment (officially called "construction design"), for attestation of the construction design. This is called the "construction design attestation system."

  Technical regulations Construction design
Characteristic examine all the products of the production in small quantities. examine the design method of the product of the mass production and the product
Amount of money When application number increases, it is expensive. Relatively cheap, when the volume of production increases
Examination All the examination products are checked. Application documents increase in number.

About an application

  • Application forms
    The documents which are needed in an application forms are as follows.
  • Please confirm whether required documents it has gathered using the check sheet in the case of an application.
  • Moreover, please present documents to numerical order along with a check sheet in the case of an application.
  • RF test mode PDF
Number Item Technical Regulations Construction Design Construction Design Only examination Contents File format
0 Radio equipment evaluation procedure application form JET receptionist Paper irai_denpa
1 Application for Certificate of Conformity with Technical Regulations     Application form for Technical regulations conformity Annex01
3 Application for Certificate of Construction Design     Application form for construction design Annex09
5 Office work consignment report   Delegation of notification If you want to delegate to a third party Free format
6 Summary of application equipment Overview of radio equipment Annex20
7 Construction design specifications   What indicated the data and the matter which are needed in order to explain the contents of the construction design Annex23
8 Confirmation method     Quality control method of the factory.
  • Annex24
    / PDF
  • Annex25
    • Method
      / PDF
    • Method1
      / PDF
    • Method2
      / PDF
    • Method4Add
      / PDF
  • Annex26
    / PDF
9 Test result report   Test data if you do not submit a test sample.( However, there is a review for the test environment.)  
10 Method of Test Execution     Data which indicated the method concerning the carried-out examination. Annex27
11 Operation manual   The operation manual of a product  
12 Certification label creation application form     The application form of an attestation label Annex15
13 Others Data which are consulted in process of examination  
14 Application for Test request An application form required when requesting the examination of wireless applications Annex18
Application procedure method
  • Step 1
    Please fill in and submit the document number No. 0 and No. 6.
    Project will be started at JET.
  • Step 2
    Then, the relevant documents of the items in the "Technical regulations conformity certification" and "Attestation of the construction design of specified radio equipment" Please submit.
  • Step 3
    Please attach a test mode and the operation method and send a test sample.
  • Step 4
    The invoice will be published if there is no problem in examination.
    Please remit the amount billed.
  • Step 5
    And issue a certificate, the certificate.

Measurement equipment spec.

  • Measurement frequency range:9 kHz - 220 GHz (Calibration Value: 9 kHz - 110 GHz)
  • Measurement Setting:Evaluation of a conduction signal, Evaluation of the radioactive signal by antenna combination
  • Measurement modulation analysis:IEEE802.11 a,b,g,n,ac etc.
  • Standard signal:Rubidium standard signal generator
  • Others:DFS examination, Millimeter wave (60GHz zone) examination, UWB radio communications system examination

Caution (Obligations)

The person who received ”Certificate of Construction Design” is made to assume next obligation.

1. Construction design agreement duty

2.Inspection record preservation duty

  • The construction design validation number concerning an inspection
  • The date which inspected, and a place
  • The name of the person in charge who inspected
  • Quantity of the specific radio equipment which inspected
  • The method of an inspection
  • The result of an inspection

Radio Equipment Testing Center

Tokyo Laboratory
TEL:+81-3-3466-5226 FAX:+81-3-3466-9219

Last Update:2019.04.18