Mandatory Third Party Conformity Assessment

PSC Mandatory Third-Party Conformity Assessment


As a registered assessment body based on the Consumer Products Safety Law, JET performs the conformity assessments for electric hot water circulators for bathtubs.

Contact the following for further information

Tokyo Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-3-3466-5234 FAX´╝Ü+81-3-3466-9219 E-mail´╝Ü
Yokohama Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-45-582-2151 FAX´╝Ü+81-45-582-2671 E-mail´╝Ü
Kansai Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-78-771-5135 FAX´╝Ü+81-78-771-5136 E-mail´╝Ü

Last Update:2014.05.16