JET PVm Certification

What is the JETPVm Certification Scheme?

This certification service is a voluntary scheme operated by JET.
The objectives of this scheme are to ascertain the reliability and the safety of Photovoltaic (PV) modules and to promote wide application and usage of PV systems in the field and thus to serve to end users.
Certificates are granted to each model of products after the successful completion of applicable tests based on the IEC/IEC harmonized JIS standards and the factory inspection of the quality management system at the manufacturing location.

The advantage of the JETPVm Certification Scheme

Credibility to the certified products will increase, as those products bearing JETPVm certification mark prove compliance with relevant international standards through a series of tests carried out by JET as the third party testing body.

What are JETPVm Certification mark?

The mark is put on those products which have passed various performance and safety tests (conformity tests) based on the relevant international standards and have been manufactured under the strict quality control.


What products are covered by the JETPVm Certification Scheme?

Those products currently covered by the JET PVm Certification Scheme are crystalline silicon and thin-film PV modules which are designed and intended to be installed in terrestrial PV power generation systems other than concentrator types and are manufactured for sales purpose.

Methods of JETPVm Certification Scheme

Certification is granted to each model of modules after the successful completion of a set of conformity tests in accordance with the requirements of relevant international standards and the management of the initial factory inspection of the manufacturing and quality control system.
Once registered, the factories are then subjected to the regular factory inspection once every year in order to retain the certification.

How to make application

Clients are required to fill out the application form prepared by JET. JET accepts the application after confirming the entries of forms and test samples required for the test.

Performance and safety tests

Conformity tests are carried out on the samples of each model submitted which are considered to represent the mass production.
For similar modules which have similar specifications to those previously certified JET may carry out only those tests that are necessary to evaluate the acceptability depending upon the differences between the similar models and those already certified.

Factory inspections

Factory inspections are consisting of the Initial factory inspection (carried out simultaneously with the conformity tests) and the regular factory inspections.
The initial factory inspection is carried out to ensure the manufacturing system is suitable to keep manufacturing the products to be certified in a stable.
The regular factory inspection is performed for the purpose of follow up once every year.

Fees required for certification

Fees required for certification are expected to basically consist of test fee, factory inspection fee, registration fee, certification mark fee and annual fee for continue the certification.

Withdrawal or cancellation of certification

When a client (certification holder) wants to withdraw the certification, an application is required to be submitted to JET using the ā€œNotice for cancellationā€ form.
Certification may be cancelled or revoked even during the valid period of the certification, if the requirements set forth in the rules for JETPVm certification are neglected.

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