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Policy for Protection of Personal Information

April, 2011
Japan Electrical Safety and Environment Technology Laboratories

  • Our foundation is aware of the importance of protecting the personal information of customers, and in order to uphold laws governing personal information (Law 57, May 30th, 2003), we pledge to appropriately utilize and maintain the personal information following the privacy policy as stated below.
  • As an impartial third party organization with technical specialization in the fields of electrical safety, environment, and other such fields, we are engaged in various projects such as tests, inspections, reviews, and certifications, as well as the related research and gathering and provision of information in order to assure the safety, performance, quality, environment, etc of electrical devices and other products, equipment, facilities and systems. We thereby aim to contribute to steady societal and economic growth as well as improvement of the daily lives of the Japanese citizens. We are fully aware that protection of personal information is a duty to society, and that continuing to handle personal information in the appropriate manner is an essential condition to maintaining the trust of our customers who utilize our projects.
  • When customers make inquiries, applications, or use of the projects provided by our foundation, and when we receive requests, opinions, or complaints from customers, we receive personal information from these customers.
  • When our foundation makes contact with customers in relation to projects carried out based on customer applications, suggests or provides projects (including new projects) to customers, carries out questionnaire surveys in order to improve the quality or customer satisfaction of our projects, or provides other various information related to our projects, we use the personal information of customers to the extent necessary to implementation of our projects. We may use personal information in such a capacity even after business has been completed. Additionally, personal information acquired in projects commissioned from other businesses will be used as far as it is necessary in the process of said projects.
  • Our foundation will properly handle the personal information of the suppliers who supply necessary goods and services for our projects and have reciprocal relations with our foundation.
  • In regards to personal information handled by our foundation, in the event that we utilize third party subcontractors in the work associated with projects provided by our foundation, we may provide the necessary capacity of personal information to the subcontractors.
  • In regards to the saved personal data held by our foundation, in cases where we receive a written request from the applicable persons for release, amendment, addition, deletion, or cease of use towards saved personal data, as long as there are no unusual issues we will, with the consent of the persons, carry out the request and respond in writing.
    However, for changes of contact person of customers etc, relating to various types of certification and review registration, such as for S-JET certification or management system review registration, the above method cannot be used, and changes must be requested by the standard method for certification and review registration.

Personal Information Contact Center

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General Affairs Division
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