Contract Testing

PSE Mandatory Assessment of Conformity to the technical requirements under Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law

JET performs compulsory tests, for example, tests to verify the conformity to the technical requirements and inspections that should be performed on specimens, required for products covered by the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.

Contact the following for further information

Tokyo Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-3-3466-5234 FAX´╝Ü+81-3-3466-9219 E-mail´╝Ü
Yokohama Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-45-582-2151 FAX´╝Ü+81-45-582-2671 E-mail´╝Ü
Kansai Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-78-771-5135 FAX´╝Ü+81-78-771-5136 E-mail´╝Ü

Last Update:2011.09.01