JET Robot Certification


JET Robot Certification Service applies one or more of the following 4 safety standards for personal care robots, since they were published on April 20, 2016.

  • JIS B 8445, Robots and robotic devices — Safety requirements for personal care robots
  • JIS B 8446-1, Safety requirements for personal care robots — Part 1: Static stable mobile servant robots with no manipulator
  • JIS B 8446-2, Safety requirements for personal care robots — Part 2: Low power restraint-type physical assistant robots
  • JIS B 8446-3, Safety requirements for personal care robots — Part 3: Self-balancing person carrier robots

JET Robot Certification scheme consists of :

  • -Examination of the result of risk assessment, which was carried out by customer while designing the robot according to JIS B 8445 (ISO 13482)
  • -Mechanical / electrical safety and EMC tests, to check the validity of each item in the risk assessment
  • -Factory inspection, to check if the production system is built to ensure robots are assembled stably conforming to requirements of certification. The periodic inspection follows annually and as the certification expires in 3 years, the inspection renews as well, in order to ensuring the robot with certification mark continuously conforms to applied standards.

Advantage of JET Robot Certification

JIS B 8446 series are currently Japanese original standards, based on JIS B 8445 which is harmonized and identical to ISO 13482, and describe additional and more type-specific requirements to ISO 13482. These standards are proposed to be International Standards from Japan to ISO. Therefore JET Robot Certification can be seen as a certification taking International Standards in advantage.
Besides, since each of JIS B 8446 series contains in addition to ISO 13482 not only mechanical safety requirements but also electrical safety requirements such as fire or electric shock, that JET is good at evaluating, and hence the certification becomes even more trustworthy thanks to the rich technical expertise JET has.
Moreover, the JET Robot Certification scheme includes Factory Inspection to check the safety from the production aspect in addition to the design aspect, which is equally rigorous to other e.g. certification schemes for home electrical appliances, that makes JET Robot Certification as prudential as possible.

JET Robot Certification Mark

The mark as shown below is privileged to display on the robot which conforms to requirements for certification. It is also possible upon request to display the number(s) of applied standards next to the mark. (The below example shows them on the right)


Support for EU distribution

JET has a cooperative business agreement with EZU (Czech Republic). We are going to expand our partnership with other certification bodies in EU, and make efforts to bring JIS B 8446 up to International Standards, so that the data obtained by JET are recognized fairly reliable in EU.

	List of issued certificates

Latest certificates list: since Apr 2016 (as of Sep 15, 2016)

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Certificate No. issued date licensee product name applied standards
RT001-001 2016-04-20 Panasonic Corporation Autonomous
Delivery Robot
JIS B 8445:2016
(ISO 13482:2014)
JIS B 8446-1:2016


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