Certification of Water Supply Apparatus under Waterworks Law

Certification of Water Supply Apparatus

Certification of Water Supply Apparatus

Water-supply utensils exported to Japan is subject to the Water Works Law and consequently, without certification it cannot be sold in Japan. Electrical products that are subject to these requirements can simultaneously be granted certification and conformity assessment based on the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.
This eliminates repeated product testing and factory inspections, saving both time and money.

Water-supply Utensils
Water-supply utensils subject to the requirements includes devices directly linked to water supply devices such as water supply pipes, joints, valves, faucets, hot water heaters, water coolers, electrical equipment, and other water supply appliances and units assembled from these components. Subject electrical products include electric water heaters, electric water coolers, electric dishwashers, automatic washing and drying toilets.

Information of cmj mark

Application Form for Water-supply Utensils Certification WORD PDFPDF
Factory Inspection Report(Section B) WORDWORD PDFPDF
Notice of Change in Certification WORDWORD PDFPDF
Request for Cancellation of Certificate WORD WORD PDFPDF

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