Contract Testing

Evaluation of Electrical Insulating materials

JET tests evaluation of electrical insulating materials that controls the longevity of the appliance (equipment).

  • Proof Tracking Index (PTI) and Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) based on IEC60112, JISC2134, etc.
  • Resistance test to high-voltage, low-current Arc Resistance based on JISK6911, ASTMD495, etc.
  • Glow-wire Test (GWFI,GWIT) based on IEC60695-2-10, JISC0060, etc.
  • Ball Pressure Test and Vicat Softening Temperature based on IEC60065, IEC60695-10-2, JISK7206, ISO306, UL746A etc.
  • Flammability Test (Horizontal and Vertical burning test, VTM, etc.) based on IEC60695-11-10, UL94, ISO9773, etc.
  • Needle Flame Test based on IEC60695-11-5,JIS C 60695-11-5, etc.
  • Dielectric Strength based on IEC60243-1, JISC2110-1, etc.
  • Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Xenon-arc lamps based on ISO4892-2, JISK7350-2, ASTM G155, etc.
  • Back sheet for PV Modules(Partial Discharge Test, UV Test etc.)based on IEC61730-1 clause5.

Last Update:2018.05.01