S-JET Certification

JET Certification of Electrical Products

NON-specified Electrical AppliancePDFPSEunder the the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law are subject to the following.
Please refer to this pamphlet of "Comprehensive Guide to Export Electrical Appliances and Materials to JapanPDF"

  • II-2 Confirmation of conformity with technical standards.
  • II-3 Testing of completed products (appearance, function and di-electric strength) and maintenance of testing records.
  • II-4 MarkingPSE and the name of an importer.

No specific method of fulfilling these obligations is designated, and the manufacturers or importers may confirm these matters by themselves. Accordingly, theS-JET is displayed only on products that fairly emphasize that these obligations have been fulfilled. Specifically, products for which certification is desired undergo conformity testing (Description of the technical requirements by the METI Ordinance), and the metŃÇÇod based on CENELEC is used to objectively confirm the quality control system of the factory where the product is manufactured. Even if products other than NON-specified Electrical Appliance products may be certified answering clients' requests. By obtaining S-JETcertification for products imported into Japan and displaying the mark on the products, a great confidence from consumers and distributors can be highly expected.

Certification Application Form

First-time applicants must submit the following documents:
  • Application Form for CertificationPDF
  • Declaration of Technical SpecificationsPDF(a statement of the technical specifications of the electrical product for which certification is sought)
  • Power of AttorneyPDF(necessary when an agent makes an application.)
  • Factory Inspection ReportPDF(a form for self-declaration concerning the quality control systems of the factory that manufactures the electrical product for which certification is sought.) and a contract
  • A Notice of Change in CertificationPDFis also required if any modifications are made after certification.

Contact the following for further information

Tokyo Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-3-3466-5234 FAX´╝Ü+81-3-3466-9219 E-mail´╝Ütokyo@jet.or.jp
Yokohama Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-45-582-2151 FAX´╝Ü+81-45-582-2671 E-mail´╝Üyokohama@jet.or.jp
Kansai Laboratory
TEL´╝Ü+81-78-771-5135 FAX´╝Ü+81-78-771-5136 E-mail´╝Ükansai@jet.or.jp

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