JET 一般財団法人 電気安全環境研究所

Notification of Fees Revision(Oct.13.2016)

Thank you very much for your continuous support to JET.

This is to inform you that our fees for the testing and certification of electrical and electronical products will be revised on April 1, 2017. (The revised fees will be applied for applications accepted by us later than that date.) On average, it will be a rise by approximately 15%.

We, JET, have been striving to enhance our technical strength by renewal of testing equipment and securing human resources in order to maintain and improve our activities, aiming at serving you better through various testing and certification of electrical and electronical products over many years.
During this period, the business environment was getting harsher with the rise of prices and labor costs, but we could do without a revision of basic fees, owing to your support and our automation and management effort such as restraint in increase of our workforce, for more than twenty years.

Such efforts, however, are reaching the limits due to continual increase of expenses. After repeated consideration, we have come to judge that the revision of fees is inevitable in order to maintain the level of our current services.

It was not desirable for us to increase a burden for our partners. We hope you understand the situation. We are going to exert every effort to meet your needs, such as shortening of lead times. Your further cooperation with us would be greatly appreciated.

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